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National Poetry Writing World

Grand Opening Review   

Poets in the know will want to go to NaPoWriWo where the motto is, 

“Writers’ dreams are best achieved, when writers’ needs are relieved.” 

Morning prompts, on your breakfast tray, come delivered to you 

in bed, in silence, by a coffee barista who will come back only when 

you clear your throat that special way. 

Once you slip your first draft under the door, publicists and editors 

silently dive for it, scuttle off down the hall, and leave you free 

to wander the compound’s grounds which come complete 

with spontaneous yoga mats where you can stretch into the day 

at ease and breathe in-in-inspirationnnn should you feel the need. 

Hammocks swing in a constant sleepy breeze between leafy trees. 

Comfy reading chairs, with the book of your wish, appear where you point. 

You might spot Billy Collins walking his dog, or join in a game of 

‘Hide and Seek’ with Kay Ryan, or take a seat at the 24-hour bar 

for shots of your pick with Simic, or dance around with Jericho Brown, 

or just kick back and relax with Naomi over a cup of tea in the café 

overlooking Horseplay Bay. 

Of course, you’re also free to disappear, safely and with the comfort 

of a masseuse / stack of lobster rolls / bottomless bowl of Triscuits/ 

cheese plate of aged cheddar, Brillat-Savarin, etc./ classic rock/ jazz/ 

Champagne Brut, St Emillion, Duvel, etc., /Peking duck, to name just a few 

of the amenities available when you clear your throat that other way. 

In short, the folks at NaPoWriWo have thought of everything that works 

best for writers -- from the acronym which, when said three times fast, 

can only be understood in writing/by writers and, the best thing of all:   

Whatever happens at NaPoWriWo, stays in NaPoWriWo, 

and whatever happens beyond its yoga mats, just stays away. 

Three Yodels for NaPoWriWro! NaPoWriWro! NaPoWriWro!  


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14 April 2021

As for a review,  it seems to me that the author has an obvious bias for Maureen Thorson's NaPoWriMO (I caught that!) and for Billy and Suzannah Collins' Poetry Broadcasts along with all those CPNP folks -- not to mention the Pernessy Poets of Lausanne.  Just sayin' .

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